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Collage Rules                                                                                                                                       

1. Admission to the Hostel will generally be based on the basis of merit. No student should be admitted in the College Hostel untill he is admitted into the College.

2. Students seeking admission into the College Hostel have to apply for it when making application for the admission into the College. Fresh admission for each session.

3. The seats will be allotted by the Superintendent on production of the certificate of admission to the Hostel from the Principal. No student is allowed to live in the Hostel temporarily for more than 48 hour’s Prior permission from the Superintendent is required for such purpose. Temporary residence for a longer period will require the sanction of the Principal.

4. A student is regarded as admitted to the Hostel when he/she/has accepted the seat assigned to him.

5. Students will not be permitted to change room assigned to them except under order of the Superintendent.

6. The Hostel will remain closed during the Puja and Summer Vacation.

7. Whenever boarders leave the Hostel for any vacation or holidays or for any private purpose they must apply to the Superintendent for leave and obtain his/her permission.

8. Boarders are responsible for the safe keeping of furniture supplied to them and are liable to make good any wilful damage. The Hostel also provides cooking utensils, dining table and benches. A general maintenance charge of Rs. 5/- a year will be realised from each boarder.

9. The internal management of the Hostel rests with the Superintendent.

10. Every member is expected to know the rules of the Hostel and act according to them. The general rule of the College are applicable to the Hostel. Disciplinary action will be taken against boarder who breaks the rules or whose conduct is unsatisfactory.

11. The principal reserves to himself the right to expel any boarder from the Hostel without assigning any reason.

12. Boarders suspended from the Hostel or from the College shall not enter in to the Hostel during such period of suspension.

13. Study periods, each of two hours duration are to be observed twice a day in the morning and at night. Study hours and meal times are fixed by the Superintendent.

14. No boarders shall absent from Hostel during the study period without prior permission from the superintendent, Frequent absence will be treated as serious breach of discipline.

15. If a boarder shall absent himself from the Hostel between night fall and 6 a.m., he must give satisfactory reason for such absence, if he/she fails to do so he/she will be liable to expulsion from the hostel.

16. If any member absents himself/herself from the hostel without leave, he/she may be expelled from the hostel.

17. Boarders should not in any way interrupt other in their study during the study period. Sincerity should be maintained.

18. The superintendent has the authority to censor all reading matters brought into the Hostel. Introduction of objectionable matters into the Hostel will be regarded as a breach of discipline .

19. Father or the natural guardian of a boarder may be permitted with the previous sanction of the Superintendent.

20. A boarder suffering from any illness must immediately report to the superintendent.

21. A boarder should avoid :-

a) The use of playing cards or any type of gambling.

b) The use of drugs, intoxicants and tobacco. 

c) The singing or playing of any musical instru ments except during specified hours.

d) Any direct action against servants and cooks.

e) Misconduct of any other description.

f) The keeping of mobile Phone in the Hostel.

22. It is compulsory for all the boarders to have their meals in the mess run by the Hostel. No boarders will be allowed to dine outside unless the mess is declared to be closed by the superintendent.

23. All other matters not covered by the above shall be decided by the superintendent.