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The Karanjia College Magazine "THE NIRJHARANI" published annually provides necessary scope to the students for the development of their original literary expression.

This also encourages all pertinent expression ofculture that may be accommodated in print. The magazine also invites compositions from the learned member of the teaching staff of Karanjia College to serve a token of encouragement and guidance to the students.

1. All compositions must be original. The right to publish rests with the Editorial Board of lecturer in-charge of the College Magazine.

2. Any straight or oblique personal reference damaging to any person is taboo. The magazine encourages creative impulse but as this is a prestige issue of the College it insists on a standard. The Editorial Board will be helpless in relation to compositions that do not reach the bare minimum.

The selected or the rejected copy of the article will not be returned. Contributors are requested to write in ink and not use both side of a paper.