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To Promote athletic activities among the students.

i. The Principal or the nominee from among the teaching staff and the Physical Education teacher will choose the Captain and Vice-Captain for all the outdoor games provided in the College.

ii. The Secretary can-not be the captain for any game. If a student is selected for both the posts he shall have to resign from either of the posts.

iii. If both Captain and Vice-Captain chosen in the previous session do not join in the following session the Vice- President shall nominate a Captain till the next elections are held, if he finds work can-not be managed without a captain.

iv. If the captain absents himself from the field continuously for 16 days, without assigning sufficient reason, he will cease to be the captain . Function : To consider the budget prepared by the sub-committee consisting the Vice-President, the Secretary, the P.E.T., the captain, the Vice-Captains and the class representatives.

The Secretary :

i. He will be the convener of the General and sub-committee with due approval.

ii. He will prepare the annual report.iii. He will conduct all correspondence assigned to him by the Vice-Presidents.

iv. He will keep the accounts of the Association.

The Captain :

i. To select players for friendly & competitive matches.

ii. To be responsible for the organisations of all College games.

iii. To be in-charge of grounds set apart for the games.

iv. To arrange any match after obtaining prior approval of the Principal & the Vice-President the Physical Education Teacher (P.E.T.)

a. To organise all indoor and outdoor games.

b. To copy out all the invoice in the stock.

c. To keep an account of the sports goods.

d. To look after the playground. e: To maintain records in connection with the games.

f. To do such work in connection with College games and sports as the V.P. assigns to him.

The Vice-Captain :

i. He will be in-charge of the fund, accounts and all correspondence including the purchase of sports materials.

ii. He will be the General Superintendent of all games.

The Work of the P.E.T. The P.E.T. shall perform the following works under the direct supervision of the Vice - President (D.P.I., Orissa’s letter no. 36548 dated 14.08.80 )

a) To maintain the following registers

i) Invoice Registers

ii) Issue Registers

iii) Subsidary Cash Book

iv) Guard files for the vouchers

v) Stock Registers

b) To attend all correspondence and maintain files.

c) To prepare students for all types of competition at University./ State level.

d) To look after the playground. e) To do such work in connection with College games and sports as the V.P. assigns to him