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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

One company of N.C.C. has been allotted to this College.

The aims of the N.C.C. :

1. Development of leadership, character, commandership, spirit of sportsmanship and the ideal of service.

2. To create a force of disciplined and trained manpower which in a National Emergency could be of assistance to the country.

3. To provide training of students with a view to developing in them officer like qualities thus also enabling them to obtained Commision in the Armed Force.

N.C.C. training is optional. Students desirous of enrollment in N.C.C. shall on their admission in the College have to fill the application on the prescribed forms obtainable from the N.C.C. Office. Each cadet has to pay Rs. 1.00 as Bn fund contribution every year.

Service Liability :

i. A cadet enrolled in N.C.C. has on liability to render active service in any of the Armed Forces of the Union.

ii. A cadet shall obey and carry out the order and direction of any person who is placed in command over him.

Discipline :

The following actions will constitute breaches of discipline.

1. When on parade engaged in service duty or warning uniform.

a. Restoring to strike or violence or use of threatening or insubodinate language and behaviour which bears contempt towards his superior officer.

b. Disobedience to any standing order or lawful command given by his superior officer, or.

c. Negligence in obeying a general or unit order.

d. Remaining in a state of intoxication.

2. Failing to appear without sufficient cause on parade or any other work assigned to him in his capacity as member of the corps where he has been ordered to do or putting the ranks without sufficient cause.

3. Failing to perform any part of training without sufficient cause.

4. Striking or offering violence to any person in whose custody he is placed while under arrest.

5. Resisting an escort whose duty is to arrest him or detain him in custody.

6. Escaping while under arrest or detection.

7. Making away with or being concerned with making away with Army property belonging to Government.

8. Willful damaging any such property.

9. Falsely personifying any other person on parade or on any occasion or abetting any such act of personation.

Explanation :

The explanation "Superior Officer" means and includes an Officer, Warrant Officer Non-commissioned.

Disposal of Offences :

Charges of indiscipline made against a member of N.C.C. will be seriously dealt with and will be disposed of as per procedure and punishment provided in the N.C.C. Act, 1993 as amanded from time to time.

Issue and return of Clothing and Equipment :

A full set clothing and equipment is issued to each cadet and the Cadets are responsible for their up keep and maintenance. They are required to return all such items of issue infact at the end of session.

a. The Q.M. Havildar issues clothings and the equipments on a date previously notified.

b. The cadets on date are required to report to the Q.M. Stores and received their scale of clothing and equipments and issue register.

c. On a date previously notified cadets report to the Q.m. Stores and on returning their clothing they receive slip from Q.M.H.

d. On production of that slip at the N.C.C. Office the cadet will receive a clearance certificate which will be required to submit at the Principal’s Office.

e. Failure to submit the clearance certificate in the Principal’s office will make him liable for disciplinary action and non admission for University examination and non-acceptance of College fees.

Training :

i. A cadet enrolled in the N.C.C. is required to under go a minimum period of training for four hours a week consisting parades.

ii. A Cadet in addition to the prescribed hours of training is also liable to under go special training course sanctioned by the O.C.

iii. A Cadet is also required to attend to Annual Training Camp of 10 days duration in course of his 3 year of service camp, if and when necessary.

iv. A Cadet to be eligible for formation should at least attend 90% of the N.C.C. Parade.